Crowley (wild willy’s) hotspring, mammoth lakes, Ca 🌈🌀🌀
Heart lake little lake valley


This is Bloom, one of the best humans I’ve ever met. He has the most amazingly contagious spirit and spreads love to everyone he meets. I’m lucky to have spent time with him and look forward to our paths crossing again. I adore this guy!Joshua Tree, CAMay 2014
Photo by Bonnie Blue Britt

bloom is da best :~)

shasta bum

Poi spinning in little lakes valley 11 thousand feet elevation

I lost a brother yesterday. Growing up with someone you see all sides of them. Keith, you were annoying, weird, hilarious, one of my best friends as a kid. We used to dig mud baths in the backyard and play in them. You were the only person who wasn’t afraid to get muddy with me. Even though you’re only my stepbrother, I considered you true family. This is my first time losing someone so close to me, and it hurts. Sometimes I can’t stop crying. Seeing my mom and stepdad hurting is even worse, I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose a child. I know you’re in a better place than you were the last year of your life. I’m so sorry you will never get to have a wedding, have kids of your own, experience life past 19. You had your life stolen from you way too young. I’ve always hated war, but it just got way more personal. If you hadn’t gone to fight for America, you would still be here. I’m sorry they took your life away. Rest in peace.

Bradford Ridge friends
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Getting back on the road today with my dad. Heading up to the eastern sierra’s for a few days Posted 2 days ago with 11 notes | reblog

Anonymous said: I wanna go to rainbow so bad! It seems so fun and peaceful and happy, but I live in nc 😿

Rinbow usually bounces back and forth between locations. I have a feeling next year it could be somewhere on the east cast

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Stoked on life mirror selfie
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tripod headstands before walking into rainbow gathering
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July 4, 2014 rainbow gathering prayer circle 
meditategravitate dreadedgrape